Saturday, May 7, 2016

Last Entry may 7, 2016

This is it. My last entry. So far I have come along way. I started at 165 lbs @ 20% body fat and now I'm at 170 lbs with 16% body fat. Ive added approximately 15-20 lbs on all of my maxes. These are extremely good results in a short amount time. I am excited that i reached my girls for the 16 weeks, however it is important to printout there is a ling road ahead from here on. I still have those set goals in my first post, however it is time to make them bigger. Im going to start to do strength related programs. Ive decided I want to be extremely strong. This doesn't mean i won't throw away my dreams on good physique though. Competition has increased at my school for who is the strongest and its time i whoop some ass. Keep getting swole jacked!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Update April 28, 2016

Currently on week 3 on my program of mi40X. The current phase I am on is the power/hypertrophy phase. This means the reps are less and sets. That being said I am using heavier weight to stimulate the muscle building process. Next week will be the strength/high threshold training to where I will push my limits. Currently I am hitting my macros perfectly everyday. This is important for having enough calories to build muscle. Hopefully will start seeing some muscle gains with mi40X. Currently I have seen some more definition bu nothing totally great. Well that's it for me keep on getting swole jacked.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Update: April 23, 2016

I am currently sitting at 175 lbs . Last day of week 2 in my new program. Leg workouts have been killing me. Chest and back have definitely grown a lot. Recently purchased some resistance bands to do pull-ups in at y house. I will start to do 50 a day but try to get 100. I think this will really help me explode my back over the summer.  Besides having a small back my shoulders have been lagging be hind too. Right now i am in the process of finding a way to explode them out so i can look wide. Main plan right now is to follow the program and meal plan and work really hard on shoulders. Keep on staying and getting swole jacked people.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 13, 2016

Today is my third day on MI40X. I have been extremely sore so far, yesterday I did back and really hit it hard.While Monday I did chest and tore it up also. MI40X has really kicked my butt but I can tell that it is already working. Being sore after a workout now has become a regular occurrence. This week and next week the program will focus on hitting the body part  twice a week which will stimulate hypertrophy in all the muscle group. I am still consuming 4000 calories a day on 6 meals a day which has been helping with the recovery process. I also have started taking phosphalitic acid which has been scientifically proven to aid in muscle building. The focus is mainly put on my diet right now and making sure i execute each day's workout perfectly. I want to be swole jacked for 2016 and this is how its going to happen. Im gonna keeping doing Mi40X, eating my meals, and bloggin about it.... peace out

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Update April 6, 2016 Swole Jacked

Well I have not posted in a while so I'm gonna start off with saying my current stats. Currently I am 170 lbs 20% body fat but have gained about 10 lbs of muscle since the last program which is pretty good. I gained some fat over spring break so right now I am starting to do some cardio. I have been walking on a incline for about 45 minutes every morning burning around 500 calories. So not a bad little thing going. I am going to start priming for mi40X tomorrow. mi40X is a revolutionary program that is super awesome and hopefully i will get some nice gains. I had to pay for mi40X but the reviews were good so I caved into getting it. I tried the mi40 Educate and some of the author others programs with good results. Since mi40X is the newest program it will incorporate the latest theories and things to get big. Hopefully this will prove to be benefical in the future my goal is to be 180 lbs at the end of the program. Swole jacked bro out *drops mic

Friday, March 18, 2016

Update March 18

I have gained a total of 5 pounds back with water weight so now I'm at 170-175ish throughout the day. This past week I have been going twice a day and it has started to show. When you go multiple times a day it revs up your metabolism. This means that my metabolism is going full throttle the entire day which is taking care of any of my unwanted fat. I have now decided after spring break.  Which spring break for me starts March 25th. I am going to start a new program called mi40X. It is a professional program that costs a lot. This program was developed by a professional bodybuilder named Ben Pakluski. I am very excited for this because this is another step to getting swole jacked. Signing out for now.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Update March 10

Last 2 weeks of the program are left. I have finally put back on the weight that I lost. I increased my calories and started taking creatine again. After the program I'm going to stat a program called scale frequency training which is just working out multiple times a day. I'm still undecided on whether I want to start cutting yet. In order to do this cut I would have to decrease calories and do lots of cardio and right now i just want to focus on building muscle. I have no plans on going to the beach this summer so I have no need to get cut especially if I don't have muscle under it. I probably wait until I'm about 180 lbs with about 15-20% body fat. I would expect that to take about the rest of the year so i am just gonna keep doing what I'm doing.Any way that it for me right now. Hopefully next week ill have some good gains to talk about.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Update Friday March 3, 2016

OK, so so far I have lost 10 lbs!!!!!!!!! I do not know whether if this is good or bad weight that i lost but just in case I upped my calories to 3500. Even though I upped my calories, I am thinking about upping them to 4000. I want to gain mass but not much fat so I will probably do cardio in the morning. This will consist of walking for about 2 hours at a decent incline. Lately the workouts in my program have been crap but my body has been in an anabolic state so I was still gaining. My leg workouts were crap however I just sucked it up, did them and moved on. I am still getting sore which is a godsend and rich now I am feeling the gain train has been picking up momentum. Another thing I was gonna see if after this program I was gonna do a heavy lifting program. If you have an opinion leave it in the comments.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Update Feb 27

Well I have been gaining a lot of muscle mass in the past week. I have gained about one or two pounds of muscle and lost a pound of fat. This is definitely a win in my book, the progress I have made is phenomenal. I am still on week 2 of my new program. Everything with this program is golden. I have been sore after every workout which means I have been gaining muscle. The only thing I struggle with is the morning workouts. We had a big winter storm in my area and the roads were blocked in the morning so I could not get there. That really upset me because I could not be there as early as I wanted. In the next couple weeks I will start going in the morning and lifting and after school I will go and do cardio. I was grounded by my dad so that is why I am doing this. I found a loophole in his system so..... He is gonna be so pissed lol. But anyways making good progress gonna hope to have gained a little bit more by my next post. Peace

Friday, February 19, 2016

update #gainsville

So my old program is done and I have now moved on to bigger and better things. I started Arnold's blueprint to bulking but it ended up being really boring and it was very repetitive and I did not see myself building any muscle. Recently I have started Ben Puklaski's HTS program. HTS stand for hypertrophy, tension and strength. I can say this program is a good one. I have made gains in the first week and today was my first two in one day program. I woke up at 4:45 a.m. this morning and I am extremely tired as I type this. Hopefully i can blog a little bit more next week about this, I think I am gonna start cutting in 5 weeks. This means that I will be doing a lot more cardio to decrease my water weight and body fat %. Thats it for mow keep gettin swole jacked!

Friday, February 5, 2016

(Update) Feb 3, 2016

Yeah so I am definitely not doing blog everyday. My chest can just got done plateauing and is starting to grow again. I am eating 6 days a week still and I have gained some muscle but I am mostly keeping the fat off. So far I am planning to cut here in the next couple of weeks. I will not cut calories out of my diet so I do not lose muscle but I will definitely be dong more cardio and trying to lose some fat (not that I have a lot though). I honestly do not have a lot of fat but when I go on vacation I wanna look good. My 6 week program are in it's final days. I believe I'm either going to do a strength session or an Arnold Schwarzenegger blueprint. Whatever you think post it in the comments. I still have a long road ahead for my 2016 goal, I have seen my goal in pump form however I need to keep working hard to get there. Peace out Swole Jacked nation and keep going.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Update Jan 29

So I was suppose to be logging everything in right now however I have not so deal with it. Lately I have just been grinding out my program. The last week starts today and i will be sad. Today I have back and hamstrings do work on. Yesterday was a rest day but instead of doing the recommended cardio I went and lifted with my friend (name disclosed). I did back and triceps yesterday but only worked on lower back so today i would not be too sore to work my back again. I have redone my numbers and I am now at 163 lbs at 16% body fat. I tied a current personal record last night at a 325 lb dead lift. I was very excited about this because I really do not dead lift a lot and it is a significant amount of weight (for me at least). I am still all about growing my chest it is still lagging behind but id also need to get bigger arms so after the current program I am doing I am going to do a 21 to bigger arms program while also doing chest and with legs twice a week with back .I will also try to get big shoulders again also. I am starting to eat 6 meals a day next week with stomach vacuums twice a day (not lipo suction). Stomach vacuums are an exercise that works your TVA which is a lateral ab muscle and can reduce your midsection. Many bodybuilders do this so they appear to have the tapered V shape when bulking and cutting.

Friday, January 22, 2016


So i have not been on in a while so i guess i can talk about how my body is growing. My chest has literally exploded the pumps are getting better each day. I still have not grown much in my shoulders however this week and next week are shoulder dominant weeks so i am looking forward for some big changes in my width. I am super excited for this because i believe this will make my physique much better being more wider. Today i have shoulder to do so lets get it started today. I have been sick so my body weight has gone down but i have not noticed any muscle loss so i am crossing my fingers. I have gained lots of muscle in my legs and the development of my quads has been slightly increasing. This is good because i usually have trouble growing my quads any larger than they already are so development is the next best thing. So that is pretty much it for me. Keep on trucking and keep going further.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 12, 2015

So I have not posted anything for a couple days. This is because I did not have to motivation to. Oh well deal with it. Saturday i hit shoulder extremely hard and might have torn something in my shoulder. I did a lot of negative reps with completely tore me up. Sunday was a rest day so I did my usual 20 minutes of 1 minutes on of high intensity cardio and 1 minute of low intensity cardio. I was sweating buckets. Yesterday I did legs and had one of the biggest leg pump i have ever had without doing squats. Now you're thinking, he did legs without squats? What a boob. I assure you the program did not call for squats so I did not do any. Nonetheless I destroyed my legs with rep after rep on the leg press and leg extension. I have shoulders again tonight, which is a good thing. My shoulders are extremely small and weak. They need another brutal workout which I am hoping there is one tonight. That is it for now my people.

Friday, January 8, 2016

January 7 2016 Cardio

I am a day late on posting what I did on Thursday. It was a rest day so usually on a rest day I do cardio. I did 20 minutes of 1 minute of high intensity and 1 minute of low intensity on the elliptical machine. Today I am doing chest and biceps. No I am not a Curl Bro. My program called for a chest dominant week, so that is what I am doing today. I having been waiting for this. I usually have trouble growing my chest so this week will hopeful help with with getting my chest swoll jacked.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Swoll Jacked 2016

My journey starts today, not getting swoll jacked, but to document myself getting swoll jacked. I started lifting in the summer of 2013. My first trainer was Phil Doblestein and he was the one to really catapult me into the world of lifting. I ran into several injuries in that time from numerous sports and took a break from lifting. I lost a lot of muscle and gained unwanted fat until about January 2015 where I  began to start to lifting again. First it was a struggle and i was very unhappy with my progress. I then realized that if i was to be successful I had to change my lifestyle to the swoll jacked lifestyle. It has now been over one year of nonstop lifting and weight training. My body composition has swayed a lot in the past year due to different diets and workout programs. Currently though my stats are 165  lbs at 20% body fat. My max bench press is 200 lbs, max squat is 315 lbs, max dead lift is 325 lbs, and my max overhead press is 125 lbs. For the next year my goals is to put 40 lbs on all maxes, change my body composition to 175 lbs at 12% body fat, and to help all my readers to reach their fitness goals and to get swoll jacked for 2016.