Thursday, April 7, 2016

Update April 6, 2016 Swole Jacked

Well I have not posted in a while so I'm gonna start off with saying my current stats. Currently I am 170 lbs 20% body fat but have gained about 10 lbs of muscle since the last program which is pretty good. I gained some fat over spring break so right now I am starting to do some cardio. I have been walking on a incline for about 45 minutes every morning burning around 500 calories. So not a bad little thing going. I am going to start priming for mi40X tomorrow. mi40X is a revolutionary program that is super awesome and hopefully i will get some nice gains. I had to pay for mi40X but the reviews were good so I caved into getting it. I tried the mi40 Educate and some of the author others programs with good results. Since mi40X is the newest program it will incorporate the latest theories and things to get big. Hopefully this will prove to be benefical in the future my goal is to be 180 lbs at the end of the program. Swole jacked bro out *drops mic

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