Friday, January 29, 2016

Update Jan 29

So I was suppose to be logging everything in right now however I have not so deal with it. Lately I have just been grinding out my program. The last week starts today and i will be sad. Today I have back and hamstrings do work on. Yesterday was a rest day but instead of doing the recommended cardio I went and lifted with my friend (name disclosed). I did back and triceps yesterday but only worked on lower back so today i would not be too sore to work my back again. I have redone my numbers and I am now at 163 lbs at 16% body fat. I tied a current personal record last night at a 325 lb dead lift. I was very excited about this because I really do not dead lift a lot and it is a significant amount of weight (for me at least). I am still all about growing my chest it is still lagging behind but id also need to get bigger arms so after the current program I am doing I am going to do a 21 to bigger arms program while also doing chest and with legs twice a week with back .I will also try to get big shoulders again also. I am starting to eat 6 meals a day next week with stomach vacuums twice a day (not lipo suction). Stomach vacuums are an exercise that works your TVA which is a lateral ab muscle and can reduce your midsection. Many bodybuilders do this so they appear to have the tapered V shape when bulking and cutting.

Friday, January 22, 2016


So i have not been on in a while so i guess i can talk about how my body is growing. My chest has literally exploded the pumps are getting better each day. I still have not grown much in my shoulders however this week and next week are shoulder dominant weeks so i am looking forward for some big changes in my width. I am super excited for this because i believe this will make my physique much better being more wider. Today i have shoulder to do so lets get it started today. I have been sick so my body weight has gone down but i have not noticed any muscle loss so i am crossing my fingers. I have gained lots of muscle in my legs and the development of my quads has been slightly increasing. This is good because i usually have trouble growing my quads any larger than they already are so development is the next best thing. So that is pretty much it for me. Keep on trucking and keep going further.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 12, 2015

So I have not posted anything for a couple days. This is because I did not have to motivation to. Oh well deal with it. Saturday i hit shoulder extremely hard and might have torn something in my shoulder. I did a lot of negative reps with completely tore me up. Sunday was a rest day so I did my usual 20 minutes of 1 minutes on of high intensity cardio and 1 minute of low intensity cardio. I was sweating buckets. Yesterday I did legs and had one of the biggest leg pump i have ever had without doing squats. Now you're thinking, he did legs without squats? What a boob. I assure you the program did not call for squats so I did not do any. Nonetheless I destroyed my legs with rep after rep on the leg press and leg extension. I have shoulders again tonight, which is a good thing. My shoulders are extremely small and weak. They need another brutal workout which I am hoping there is one tonight. That is it for now my people.

Friday, January 8, 2016

January 7 2016 Cardio

I am a day late on posting what I did on Thursday. It was a rest day so usually on a rest day I do cardio. I did 20 minutes of 1 minute of high intensity and 1 minute of low intensity on the elliptical machine. Today I am doing chest and biceps. No I am not a Curl Bro. My program called for a chest dominant week, so that is what I am doing today. I having been waiting for this. I usually have trouble growing my chest so this week will hopeful help with with getting my chest swoll jacked.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Swoll Jacked 2016

My journey starts today, not getting swoll jacked, but to document myself getting swoll jacked. I started lifting in the summer of 2013. My first trainer was Phil Doblestein and he was the one to really catapult me into the world of lifting. I ran into several injuries in that time from numerous sports and took a break from lifting. I lost a lot of muscle and gained unwanted fat until about January 2015 where I  began to start to lifting again. First it was a struggle and i was very unhappy with my progress. I then realized that if i was to be successful I had to change my lifestyle to the swoll jacked lifestyle. It has now been over one year of nonstop lifting and weight training. My body composition has swayed a lot in the past year due to different diets and workout programs. Currently though my stats are 165  lbs at 20% body fat. My max bench press is 200 lbs, max squat is 315 lbs, max dead lift is 325 lbs, and my max overhead press is 125 lbs. For the next year my goals is to put 40 lbs on all maxes, change my body composition to 175 lbs at 12% body fat, and to help all my readers to reach their fitness goals and to get swoll jacked for 2016.