Friday, February 26, 2016

Update Feb 27

Well I have been gaining a lot of muscle mass in the past week. I have gained about one or two pounds of muscle and lost a pound of fat. This is definitely a win in my book, the progress I have made is phenomenal. I am still on week 2 of my new program. Everything with this program is golden. I have been sore after every workout which means I have been gaining muscle. The only thing I struggle with is the morning workouts. We had a big winter storm in my area and the roads were blocked in the morning so I could not get there. That really upset me because I could not be there as early as I wanted. In the next couple weeks I will start going in the morning and lifting and after school I will go and do cardio. I was grounded by my dad so that is why I am doing this. I found a loophole in his system so..... He is gonna be so pissed lol. But anyways making good progress gonna hope to have gained a little bit more by my next post. Peace

Friday, February 19, 2016

update #gainsville

So my old program is done and I have now moved on to bigger and better things. I started Arnold's blueprint to bulking but it ended up being really boring and it was very repetitive and I did not see myself building any muscle. Recently I have started Ben Puklaski's HTS program. HTS stand for hypertrophy, tension and strength. I can say this program is a good one. I have made gains in the first week and today was my first two in one day program. I woke up at 4:45 a.m. this morning and I am extremely tired as I type this. Hopefully i can blog a little bit more next week about this, I think I am gonna start cutting in 5 weeks. This means that I will be doing a lot more cardio to decrease my water weight and body fat %. Thats it for mow keep gettin swole jacked!

Friday, February 5, 2016

(Update) Feb 3, 2016

Yeah so I am definitely not doing blog everyday. My chest can just got done plateauing and is starting to grow again. I am eating 6 days a week still and I have gained some muscle but I am mostly keeping the fat off. So far I am planning to cut here in the next couple of weeks. I will not cut calories out of my diet so I do not lose muscle but I will definitely be dong more cardio and trying to lose some fat (not that I have a lot though). I honestly do not have a lot of fat but when I go on vacation I wanna look good. My 6 week program are in it's final days. I believe I'm either going to do a strength session or an Arnold Schwarzenegger blueprint. Whatever you think post it in the comments. I still have a long road ahead for my 2016 goal, I have seen my goal in pump form however I need to keep working hard to get there. Peace out Swole Jacked nation and keep going.